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Holidays, solo writing game

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Holidays, solo writing game

Postby neldelx » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:29 am

Solo writing game where you describe what happens during the two-week long holidays you spend with your partner.
This game is based on the "The Beast" (http://beast.nakedfemalegiant.pl/)

Holidays at last! During two weeks your partner and you are going elsewhere to run away from routine and have fun however you like.
This game will help you to know what is going to happen. You'll only need two dice, pen and paper or any other kind of notebook, to keep track of a journal.

During the first day, when you are still tired of the travel, busy unpacking and checking the arounds, you only must answer a few questions in order to describe your partner and the place you'll stay for 14 days.
Next, you will 'plan the holidays' by customizing the questions from day 2 to day 13. Read them, cross out up to three of them you don't like, if the dice roll results in a crossed question, then you can choose whichever question you want.
Also, you can write up to three new questions or repeat up to three times the questions you like -or three questions once each one-, place these new or repeated questions in the dice order 64, 65 and 66.
This way you plan how to enjoy holidays.

From day 2 to day 13, you'll roll 2d6, their order will tell you which question about what happened you must answer. You can answer whatever you want, as detailed or concise as you want, immediately or think about it for a while, but remember to keep the pace of answering one question every day.

On day 14 you'll be busy packing and travelling back home. It's time to ponder how finely your partner and you got along.

Day 1 questions
- Who are you? Describe your alter ego during this story.
- How is your partner? Choose up to three adjectives or write new ones:
Bossy, calm, candid, capricious, clumsy, cold, curious, dutiful, heartbreaker, lusty, playful, vulgar, wise.
- Your partner likes ___
- Your partner dislikes ___
- Where are you going on holidays? Choose one place or write a new one:
cruise, hotel in a big city, isolated cottage, motorhome, old house in a village, rented home, tent.

Day 2 to 13 questions

11 Today you met a very unpleasant guy. Who? What did you do?
12 Today you were frighted. What happened?
13 Today you got lost. Where? How was that place? How did you exit?
14 Today you had an argument? Why? How did you fix it?
15 Today you or your partner lost something relevant. What? Did you recover it?
16 Today you had an accident. How did it happen? Were you harmed?
21 Today you had a very pleasant ***. Describe how it went.
22 Today you had *** in a very unusual place or way. Where or how? How it went?
23 Today you ate a delicious dish. Which? Who cook it? Where did you eat it?
24 Today you learnt something new. What? Will you use it? How?
25 Today you did something new? What? Did you like it?
26 Today you are prouder than ever of your partner, or she's proud of you. Why?
31 Today you went to an amazing place. Where? Describe it. What did you do there?
32 Today you went to a party -or show, gathering, etc-. Which? How it went?
33 Today you found something new in a place you already knew. Where? What did you find?
34 Today you were one with the local community by doing something. What did you do? Why?
35 Today you slept in a different place than the customary. Where? Why?
36 Today you watched the less touristical place of where you spend holidays. Where? How is it?
41 Today you made mischief. What did you do? Consequences?
42 Today your partner surprised you, or you surprised her. How? Reaction?
43 Today you bought -or found, or were presented- a unique item. Which? Its history?
44 Today you assisted a very rare event. Which? How it went?
45 Today you lived a very funny serendipity. Which? How it went?
46 Today you discovered a secret about your partner, or she about you. Which? How did you react?
51 Today you met a male friend. What did you do?
52 Today you met a female friend. What did you do?
53 Today you met a group of friends. What did you do?
54 Today you met a new friend -or friends-. Who? How did you meet? What did you do?
55 Today you were in a crowd of people. Why? What did you do?
56 Today you met a very interesting guy. Who? What did you talk about? What did you do?
61 Today at last you could do something you won't ever can do again. What did you do?
62 Today you lost control and you did something you wouldn't ver dare to do. What did you do?
63 Today you did something than your partner shouldn't ever know. What did you do?
64 (repeated o new question)
65 (repeated o new question)
66 (repeated o new question)

Day 14 questions
- Did you had fun?
- What did you learn about yourself?
- What about your ideal partner?
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Re: Holidays, solo writing game

Postby neldelx » Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:42 am

I'm glad that the Solo RPG Voyager played my game Holidays:


This is a link to the rules (pdf, 2 pages):

Thx for playing,
- Nel
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